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Sky Realm is coming and brings you fantastic MMORPG!

     Combining various classic modes of magic mobile games, Sky Realmwith city battles can arouse yourbottom passion. Furthermore, to improve your experience, rich and rational content such as Dungeon System, War Dragon and World Boss is designed.


1.  Three Professions; Clear Positioning

In the game, there are three types of professions that can conduct Melee Physical Attackhigh damage and defense, Mid Physical Attack and Ranged Magic Attack (the most powerful attackrespectively.

2.  Endless Killings; World Boss

In our game, you can kill for pleasure. Three types of World Boss: Wild Boss, Holy Boss andDevil Abyss Boss appear. In this wonderful world, what you should do is just killing with gorgeous skills and powerful CP.

3.   Multiplayer OnlineBattles

There, you can enjoyMultiplayer Online Battles, Solo, Team PK… Join to be an outstanding hero!

4.   Four Artifacts for the King of Challenge

The artifact system is made up of Blood Rune, Shield, Badge and Soul Sphere that can bring you massive attributes. Every day, artifact materials can be obtained by finishing daily quests.Come and you are the King

Official Website: http://sytt.yahgame.com/

Official Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Skyenslaver/