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Who will rule the whole universe? Come and fight in Star War to be the dominator.


It's a world that the earth is invaded by alien mutants and human beings' potential is activated. Now there're 3 factions: Sage Alliance, Spirit Alliance and Demon Alliance with brilliant Mercenaries in each one so they keep a delicate balance. Now who will be the one to lead them to challenge the mutants and win them to get the earth back? Is it you?


Feature 1: Friendly to free players, awesome benefits every day!

In Mutant Attack, you can join different kinds of events to get what you need in game. Of course you can get many resources freely.


Feature 2: Fantastic Graphics

It will absolutely astonish you not only by its brand-new IP but also by its awesome graphics interesting game play.


Feature 3: Unique Tavern System

Your exclusive girls are in the tavern waiting for you. Go to play with her and send some gifts, she will help you a lot in the battles.


Feature 4: Strategy Talks

It's a game that need strategy but not only power.


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