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Join the fierce war that spans the stars for the supreme throne of the universe in STAR OF GLORY !

Download now for free to experience a new interactive Action Strategy MMO game that is impossible to put down!



--Build and strengthen your galactic base to never be caught unaware by surprises, especially in real time PVP battles.


-You are not alone! Play and chat with thousands of other players online from all over the world. With the help of auto translation tool, there's no need to worry about any communication barriers.


-Call up all those who share similar ideals and beliefs, collect resources, equip and establish your alliance. There you make friends, chat, help and cooperate with each other to protect all alliance members in alliance online battle.


-Produce different kinds of spaceships, build the most impregnable fortresses, learn powerful future sciences, forge epic equipment, purchase ancient treasures from mysterious merchants, and prepare to launch a cruel war.


-Train, level-up, and dispatch your officers to station at buildings.


-MMO galaxy with lots of online battles and possible threats.

It's a world full of opportunities and challenges in Galaxy Online. To become stronger, you need to level up your own galaxy base. Upgrading the base requires bundles of resources, which is the same as other Commanders. Go out into the galaxy to occupy more resource spots and also plunder other online players' bases while you generate resources by your own base buildings. Be brave, be clever, and become the most powerful Commander in the Galaxy!


It's time to build your fortress and lead your fleet to seize the supreme throne of the epic multiplayer strategy battles in STAR OF GLORY . Are you ready?



-Tap [Feedback] on the homepage in-game to submit your suggestions and questions then send to us.

-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/galaxyonlineyahgame/