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《Star of Glory》A Different Star Wars

Star of Gloryis a Space-Themed War Strategic Mobile Game where players are able to build their bases to fight against enemy's warships. If you are a lover of Space-Themed Strategic Game, you can't miss it!


Star of Gloryis a strategic mobile game which is about immigration to outer space, exploitation in galaxy, battle for stars as its subsequent goal, and uniting the whole galaxy as its overall mission.


Unlike majorityof traditional SLG Games which are all about city building and strategy of arranging different corps, Star of Gloryis an innovative strategic game with unique warship system that enables the game to be a real Space Scientific themed game. In this game, players would realize that there is no best lineup in sci-fi world, but only the strongest strategy.

MechaSystem is one of its original gameplays, andthe attribute of four main warships can be increased in this system. Leveling up and upgrading mecha cost mecha materials, but the required materials arerandom. So you can't predict what stuff do youreally need for mecha upgrading when the required materials are still unknown. Thus, players may probably have a deeper awareness of cherishing what they have after they start enjoying this game.


The battle formation system ofStar of Gloryallows players to change their own team formation basing on players' battle style or their enemies' team formation, and they can change it whenever they want. Besides, the counter system among troops also allows players to have more diversification strategies. With different team formations, the battle result will be totally different. How to build their own team formation, and where to dispatch their troops, are all decided by players themselves.


What's more,Star of Gloryalso allows players from all over the world to play on the same server. With a 1200*1200 huge world map, up to 100 thousand players can compete within the same server. This huge world map and same server tech makes players' competition becomes more fierce, and players can conquer more territory for themselves.


Star of Gloryhas its own federation systems, and players can unite together to build a federation. With the advantage of sharing territory and vision, players may found that they lose their whole army if they off their guard. You must stay alert, the battle may happen at any moment!


After knowing all these features and game highlights, are you feeling excited now? In our game, there are much more brilliant features are awaiting you to experience. Only by entering the battlefield personally can let you experience all these attracting features!



Google Play:https://goo.gl/GAAUqd